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CPLives Canada is a non-profit organization based in Canada that takes the Adventist message to areas where religious freedom is highly restricted. The organization approached our agency intending to rebrand its image and develop a new website to communicate its mission and engage with supporters effectively.
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Project Overview

The main objectives of the project were to:

  • Rebrand CPLives to establish a compelling and modern visual identity
  • Develop a copywriting strategy to communicate the organization's mission and values effectively.
  • Design and develop a custom website using Webflow that is user-friendly and visually appealing.
  • Increase the organization's visibility and reach through SEO and marketing strategies.

services rendered

Brand Design
Digital Strategy
Website Development

Our Approach

To begin the project, we closely collaborated with CPLives to gain a deep understanding of their mission, target audience, and desired outcomes. We identified effective branding strategies through extensive research and engaged in comprehensive market analysis.

Next, we initiated rebranding, working closely with the CPLives team to develop a fresh and contemporary visual identity. This included the creation of a new logo, color palette, and typography that aligned with the organization's core values.

Simultaneously, we developed a comprehensive copywriting strategy to communicate CPLives' mission and values effectively. We wrote captivating copy for our target audience. Our message explained how vital religious freedom is and emphasized the influence of the Adventist message.

We then utilized Webflow to design and develop a custom website. The website was designed with a user-centric approach, ensuring easy navigation and seamless user experience. We incorporated interactive elements and engaging visuals to capture visitors' attention and foster deeper engagement.

Finally, we implemented an SEO and marketing strategy to enhance CPLives' visibility and reach. This included optimizing the website for search engines and leveraging targeted marketing campaigns to attract new supporters.


CPLives Canada
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The Results

The rebranding efforts and development of a custom website brought about remarkable results for CPLives. The organization experienced increased visibility and engagement, attracting a broader audience and inspiring more support. The website provided a seamless user experience, effectively communicating CPLives' mission and engaging visitors.

The project was a success as it helped CPLives to rebrand, connect with their target audience, and spread the Adventist message in regions with limited religious freedom.

CPLives Canada